My body is a top priority

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I strive to do everything well. I work my hardest, love as passionately as I can, and endeavor to take care of my home. Also, my body is a top priority for me.

Someone once said, “Your body is a temple.” I do believe that I ought to regard my body as something sacred. I understand that if I want my body to work for me, then it is wise for me to love and take care of it. 

I see protecting, exercising, and nourishing my body as gifts I give myself each day. 

Daily, I protect myself in many ways. Applying proper soaps, cleansers, sunscreen, and lotions ensures that my body is well protected from harmful environmental elements.

As I exercise, I feel my body respond positively. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Stretching in the mornings, taking a walk, and working out at the gym are all ways that I take care of my body.

Because my body is so important to me, I am motivated to eat nutritiously. I limit my intake of refined sugars and starches. I enjoy several types of fresh produce each day. I know that eating proper foods enables my body to provide me with good health.

Throughout the challenges of life, I keep sight of my priorities. My body is a main concern because good physical health helps to ensure I can have the long, happy life I deserve. 

Today, I vow to keep my body a top priority in my life. I intend to stay strong in my efforts to maintain my sacred physical self.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Is my body a top priority in my life?
  2. What steps do I practice each day to take the best care possible of my body?
  3. In what areas do I need to improve my efforts to take care of my body?

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